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New Haven --- Boondocker Inn

Activity reported includes objects levitating, lights
flickering, strange noises, eerie feelings, and cold spots.

St.Clair --- Iron Hill Road

This road is believed to be haunted by the ghost
of a young man named D.J.Hensley, who was
murdered here. People report seeing D.J.’s
apparition walking along the road at night.

Other Points Of Interest:

There are also reports of a house along this road being haunted
as well with no connection to D.J. People have reported seeing
apparitions, but the information on this location is very limited

New Haven --- Enochs Knob Road Bridge

This area has several legends connected to it.

Sometime ago a young boy supposedly fell
from the bridge and drowned in the lake
below. People report seeing what they believe
to be his spirit swimming in the dark waters
below at night.

The area is also believed to be haunted by
the ghost of a young man who committed
suicide by driving his car off of the bridge.

Yet another story connected to the bridge
is that on Friday 13
th a gnome or troll like
creature with glowing red eyes can be seen
climbing on trees beside the bridge.

People say that this area gives off a very creepy
and eerie feeling and supposedly many people
that have visited the area hear the sounds of
dogs barking even though there are no dogs
known to be in the area.

 Sullivan --- Glaser Road and State Park

Sometime in the late 50's and 60's teenagers
traveling on the road reported seeing a strange
mist appear, the nick named it "The Blob"
Around the same time a dancing light begin to
be sighted on th road. Another one of these
strange lights have also been reported in the
park and is described as being large and changes
it’s color.

Sullivan --- Old Pea Ridge Mine

It is said that at least 16 men died in this mine during
it’s 40 years of operation (1961 - 2001). Supposedly
there is no real explanation as to why the mine closed
as it is still has a viable concentration of Iron.
Phenomenon reported at the location includes strange
sounds coming from the mineshaft at night.

Location: Just S. E. of Oak Grove off of S. Hwy 185.

Villa Ridge --- Old Hwy 100

A vanishing hitchhiker is said to haunt this road.
The ghostly hitchhiker is seen along the road
wearing a hiking pack. If someone stops to give
him a ride he will ask to be taken to a truck stop
up the road, but will disappear from the vehicle
before reaching his destination. It is said that
while alive the hitchhiker was killed by a person
who offered him a ride to the truck stop and now
in death he is still trying to make it there.


The Town Of Barnhart

Rumor has it that many years ago most if not the entire town
was wiped out by a horrible epidemic. It is reported that the
souls of the towns’ people never moved on. Witnesses say that
you can still here the sounds of ghostly children at play here.

Desoto --- Old St. Louis Road

Legend says that many people died while traveling along this road
that was used as a main route between St. Louis and Farmington in
the 1800’s. Visitors to the area report phenomenon that includes
the sound of voices, sound of walking, apparitions, the sound of
screaming, and extreme temp. changes. One story reports that
visitors heard the sound of a woman screaming followed by the
apparition of a man covered in blood, appearing from the woods
and trying to talk to them. Another story tells of the sighted
apparition of a man standing by a flipped car followed by the
feeling of being touched on your legs by an unseen presence.

Location: Follow Old Charter Rd. until you come to a gravel rd. that leads into the woods.
Located on the East side of Mo - E.

Desoto --- Vineland Elementary

Reports of apparitions and other strange activity.

Desoto --- House on Vineland Road

Strange activity is said to be experienced her at all
times of the day and night. This activity is believed
related to a former owner of the property and the
slaves that he owned. We came across a warning attached
to this legend that says if you pull your vehicle between
or past the columns at the driveway entrance you will not
be ale to leave.

Festus ---  Middle School

The gym is believed haunted by the ghost of a boy who was
killed in a tragic accident during a school play.

Festus --- Haunted Railroad Tracks

Legend says that at midnight the apparitions of a man
and woman can be seen walking hand in hand across the
railroad crossing at the old Hwy. The couple was
supposedly killed when a train at this crossing struck their car.

Location: From I- 55 take Old Hwy. A west for approx. 2 miles
to the railroad crossing.

Pevely --- The Rock House

This area is believed haunted by the spirits of slaves.

Valle Mines --- Tunnel Bills

The tunnel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man named Bill.

Location: Just S. of Valle Mines near the old slave graveyard.

Desoto --- Arlington Bed and Breakfast

The basement of this building is said to be haunted.
Supposedly photos of orbs have been taken here.

Location: 207 E. Main St.

Pevely --- Christina House

Paranormal activity has been reported here

History: Founded in 1974 by sister Miriam as a house
of ministry. The building was named Christina House after
a gri8l who had died, but it is now called Vision of Peace.

Location: At the end of Abby Monastery Rd. at railroad
tracks overlooking the river.


Hawk Point --- Satan's Tunnel

This area is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a man who died after being struck by a train and thrown in front of the tunnel below. There are some different variations of the legend. In one story the surrounding land is said to have once been owned by “devil worshippers”. In another story it states that there is a “witches” house in the woods near the location.

Supposedly some years ago some teenagers came across a hobo sleeping in the tunnel. The teens struck up a conversation with the homeless man about the ghost. The next day the man was found dead in the tunnel by the authorities and his face was frozen in an expression of pure terror.

There is also reportedly a graveyard that sits near the tunnel that is said to be of some interest.


Location: From Warrenton take Hwy. 47 to the 4-way crossing, turn left going in the opposite direction as Troy, this will take you towards Hawk Point. Follow the curvy road to a large cornfield. You will see a sign on the left that says Tunnel Road. Follow Tunnel Road to the end.


Troy --- Kemper-Marsh Funeral Home

Phenomenon reported includes doors opening and shutting on their own, objects being moved about, and disembodied voices.

Location: 351 Monroe St.

Truxton --- Haunted House

Phenomenon reported includes the sound of a woman screaming, footsteps heard on the stairs, banging heard coming form the basement, a shadowy figure seen in an upstairs window, a sometimes almost over powering feeling of being watched, etc. There have also been some interesting photos taken at this location.

Location: Take the Truxton exit, go onto the service road. The house will be on the right side along the service road and can be seen from Hwy.70.


Elsberry --- Oak Ridge Cemetery

Interesting spirit photos have been taken at this location.

Location: Take Hwy. 79 N then turn W on CC. Take CC west for about 1 mile, then take NW fork of CC for approx. 1 mile.

St. Charles

 St. Charles --- St. Charles Nursing Home

Reports of unexplained footsteps.

St Charles --- Shops at 700 S. Main St.

Odd smells, footsteps, and voices have been reported.

St.Charles --- Lindenwood University

The campus is believed to be haunted by the college founder Mary Sibley. Students have reported seeing Mary’s apparition and hearing piano music.

Besides the spirit of Mary there are also reports of other ghost haunting different locations on the campus.

Location: Madison and Knigshighway

From Interstate 70/270 interchange: Take Interstate 70 west across the Blanchette Bridge (Missouri River). Exit at First Capitol Drive. Go right. Follow First Capitol Drive for 3/4 mile to Kingshighway. Go left. Lindenwood will be on your left.

From Interstate 64 in Chesterfield: Travel west across the Daniel Boone Bridge (Missouri River). Exit at Highway 94. Go right. Follow Highway 94 north and cross interstate 70. The name of Highway 94 changes to First Capitol. Proceed to Kingshighway. Go left. Lindenwood will be on your left.

Theater - Reportedly haunted but as of yet we have found no specific information on activity or the cause of the haunting.

Library - Reportedly haunted but as of yet we have found no specific information on activity or the cause of the haunting.

 History: The following is an article By Javaka Mclucas is and was taken from the Lindenwood University site. You can find more info on the univerisity and it’s history by going to http://www.lindenwood.edu/accademics/divisions/about/about.html In honor of Colonel James Gay Butler's wife, Margaret Leggat Butler, the Butler library was built in 1929. Since then the library has doubled in size. In 1968 new wings were added to all three floors of the building. The library contains nearly 130,000 volumes, and subscribes to more than 250 periodicals annually.

Sibley Hall - Students report being levitated over their beds by an unseen force. There is supposedly one particular hallway in the building that has been boarded up do to paranormal activity.

Sibley Hall

History: The following is an article is by Ellen Smithee and was taken from the Lindenwood University site. You can find more infoon the univerisity and it’s history by going to http://www.lindenwood.edu/accademics/divisions/about/about.html

Sibley Hall is the oldest and most celebrated building on campus. Named after Lindenwood founders Major George C. and Mary Easton Sibley, this women's residence started out as a wooden cabin back in 1827, when the university was founded as Linden Wood Women's Seminary. The brick building we see today was built around the original wooden one in 1856 and contained the entire campus until the construction of Ayers Hall in 1908. Sibley Hall is listed on the national historic register, as is its recently-renovated Sibley Chapel, which now serves as a recital hall.


St. Charles --- South Main St.

Supposedly an old cemetery used to be located in the area of the road. Reportedly haunted but as of yet we have found no specific information on activity or the cause of the haunting.

Location: 400 block of S, main running to 3rd St.

St.Charles --- 523 S. Main St.

Area is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a little girl who died in a fire at this location.

St.Charles --- River Town Thymes

Believed to be haunted by a previous owner. Phenomenons include objects moving and the smell of cigarette smoke.

Location: 1214 N. 2nd St.

St.Charles --- Little Hills Restaurant and Winery

Apparitions of a man and a woman have been reported here.

Location: 501 S. Main St.

St.Charles --- 523 S. Main St.

Site is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a river boat captain.

St.Peters --- St. Charles Community College

Apparitions of an old man and a woman have been reported at this location along with voices, cold spots, strange lights and objects being moved.

Location: 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.

St. Charles --- Goldenrod Showboat

Believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman named Victoria also known as the "lady in red." Reportedly Victoria was the daughter of a former captain of the boat. Victoria wished to be a showgirl, but her father vehemently objected. One evening after an argument between the two Victoria left the boat that was docked in St.louis at the time. She went to town wearing a red dress. Victoria was murdered sometime during that night and her body was found floating in the river the following day. People have reported seeing Victoria’s ghost and that her image has appeared in photos taken on the boat.

Other activity includes slamming doors, moving objects, lights turning on ad off, etc.

History: The Goldenrod was built in 1909 and was one of the last of it’s kind built for the Mississippi river. The boat has been restored and is now permanently docked on the river in St.Charles. Dinner theater is still performed on the boat.

Location: 1000 Riverside Dr. (Take 5th St. exit and turn right heading towards Main St. The boat is located just past the Trailshead Brewery.

St. Charles --- David McNair House

Reports of strange smells such as food cooking filling the house.

St. Louis City

St. Louis --- Lemp Mansion
3322 DeMenil Place
Life Magazine designated Lemp Mansion "One of America's Most Haunted Places" in 1980, and with good reason. The Adam Lemp Family moved to St. Louis in 1838 and began brewing beer in 1840. Adam died in 1862, and his son William Lemp took over the family brewery, building a new facility in 1864. The 33 room stately mansion was built by Jacob Feickert in 1868. William and his wife moved into the mansion in 1876. The mansion overlooked their huge brewery complex to the south. Frederick Lemp, who was said to be William's favorite son, died in 1901 from a long-fought illness. On the morning of February 13, 1904 William Sr shot himself in the head with a .38 revolver in his upstairs bedroom of the mansion. William Lemp Jr and his wife Lillian take over the brewery. Bad luck continues to plague the family and the two are divorced in 1909. In 1911 the mansion also becomes the office for the brewery. The Lemp Brewery falls further into hard times and ceases beer production in 1918. Elsa Lemp, the daughter of William Sr, followed in her father's footsteps by committing suicide in her St Louis home in 1920 by shooting herself near the heart. Also in 1920, the famed Griesedieck family, another St Louis brewing empire, purchases the Lemp shield logo to begin bottling Falstaff. The familiar shield logo is still used today. The Lemp Brewery did not recover well from the times of prohibition and was sold at auction in 1922. William Jr also follows his father's footsteps and shoots himself in the heart with a 38 revolver in the office of the mansion. His son William Lemp III attempts to revive the family brewing empire but fails. On the morning of May 10, 1949 yet another suicide occurs in the mansion. Charles, brother to William Jr, shoots himself in the head with a .38 revolver in his bedroom. Four family suicides, three occurring in the Lemp Mansion lead many to believe that the family suffered from mental illness. The dark history still hangs ominously over the mansion to this day. In 1977 the mansion was opened to the public as a restaurant/bed and breakfast. Owners and employees today speak of strange cold spots, candles mysteriously lighting themselves, and even occasionally, ghostly apparitions. Today you can dine or if you dare, sleep in the stately mansion. Much of the brewery complex still stands as it did during the best of times for the Lemp family.

St. Louis --- Lemp Brewery, Grand Hall, and caverns
The area in and around S. Broadway, Cherokee Street, and Lemp Avenue
There is a definite feeling in the air around this entire complex. The entire city of St. Louis has miles and miles of underground caves, and some of them are under this complex. The Pointer family are the current owners of the entire complex including the mansion. The underground caverns used to be the site of a yearly haunted house. Due to their association to the Lemp family, the entire area is said to show a lot of paranormal activity.

St. Louis --- VIP Graphics
14 N. Newstead
This site was formerly a police station, and
is said to be haunted by several different ghosts including some malevolent spirits. The ghosts include police officers, a janitor, a wife of a former employee, a teenage girl, and criminals that died while in custody. Phenomenons reported includes screams, footsteps, voices, doors opening and closing, water turning on and off, etc. It was reported that in one case the residents were chased from the building in a fright.

St. Louis --- Bellefontaine Cemetery
Florissant at Calvary Rd.
This is the largest cemetery in the metro area, and it holds the remains of many of St. Louis' and Missouri's most famous and influential people. The cemetery has many miles of roadways within it. Numerous sightings are reported here. Be sure and check out the mausoleums of the Anheuser, Busch, Griesedeick, and Lemp families while here.

St. Louis --- Calvary Avenue
This road that runs between Bellefontaine and Calvary Cemeteries is reportedly haunted by more then one ghost. Phenomenons include hitchhiking spirits and ghost that walk in front of moving vehicles.

St. Louis --- Fort Bellefontaine
N. end of Bellefontaine Rd. where it meets Fountainhead Lane.
This area is reported to be very active. Visitors to this site report seeing, hearing, and feeling odd things. Most pictures taken of a stair case at the site have been found to have a dark reddish smoke anomaly appear in them. The site was established as the 1st US, military post in the Louisiana Territory in 1805. It was used as a Native American trading post.

St. Louis --- St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center
5300 Arsenal St.
Screams are reported to be heard during the night and the guards report seeing apparitions.

St. Louis --- Alexian Brothers Hospital
This site is where an exorcism took place on a young boy, which later served as the basis for the movie "The Exorcist".

St. Louis --- Lafayette Park
Between Missouri and Mississippi Avenues
Reports of apparitions of civil war soldiers are abound in this area.

St. Louis --- Edgewood Childrens' Center
330 N. Gore Street

The 23-acre campus is believed to be haunted by several spirits. People have reported hearing the sound of children playing in different areas on the campus grounds. A particular hot spot is a tree on the grounds, where the apparition of a 10-year girl has been seen. Most activity however seems to occur within the Rock House and tunnels that are said to run beneath the building. Individuals have reported seeing the apparitions of two young girls by the opening of the tunnels. Other phenomenons in The Rock House are strange noises, footsteps in the attic, objects moving, and feelings of a malevolent entity being present. The Rock House was built in 1850. The tunnels that run beneath the house are believed to date back to the Civil War and were used to smuggle runaway slaves. The area was established as an orphanage in 1855.

St. Louis --- Chase Hotel
An apparitoin of a beautiful red-headed woman in a white dress has been seen in the area of Room 304

St. Louis --- Powell Symphony Hall
718 N. Grand Blvd.
Activity includes noises, lights and elevators operating on their own, the apparition of a man dressed in white. The ghost is believed to be a former performer from the days of Vaudeville.

St. Louis --- Old Potter’s Field
5500 Block of Flyer Ave.
Supposedly the homes in this area are built over Old Potter’s Field, a municipal graveyard, dating back to 1855. There have been sightings of the apparition of an old woman at this site.

St. Louis --- Sheldon Concert Hall
3648 Washington Blvd.
The entity that haunts this location is known to play with the lights and sound equipment, as well as cause strange sounds.

St. Louis --- Old Insane Asylum
1 Cambell Plaza
The ghost of a little girl has reported to have been seen in the basement. The building was used as an asylum during the 1870's.

St. Louis --- Old City Hospital
There are reported sightings of apparitions appearing in the windows of the abandoned building. Sounds of screaming and feelings of being watched have also been reported. The hospital was built in 1906 and has been closed since 1985.

St. Louis --- Max Feuerbacher Mansion (Lion House)
Sidney St. near 12th St.
There are reports of a male apparition being seen in the home. Other activity includes odd sounds, cold spots, objects moving, etc.

St. Louis --- Our Lady Of Sorrows School
5831 Kingshighway
The building is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a person who died in a fire at the location. Activity consists of footsteps being heard, objects being moved, doors opening and closing, etc.

St. Louis --- Ralston Purina Parking Lot
S. Broadway
The parking lot area is believed to have been the location of a confederate prison and is now haunted by the ghost of executed prisoners.

St. Louis --- Roosevelt High School
3230 Hartford St.
The school is rumored to have been built on a cemetery. Voices have been heard throughout the building and lights are known to operate on their own. In Aug. 1977 four firefighters were killed when a fire broke out in the hallway outside the lunch room.

St. Louis --- Lehmann House Bed & Breakfast
10 Benton Place
The upstairs bedroom is said to be haunted by the ghost of Edward Rowse, who died in the room. Edward’s apparition has been seen, footsteps have been heard as well as other strange noises.

St. Louis --- Wal-Mart
Telegraph at I-270
This store was supposedly built on a site that once was a mental hospital. If you go in late at night, it feels odd, and employees there say poltergiest-like activity happens after midnight. Lights going on and off, banging and objects being moved are the most reported incidents. There's a pet store at the opposite end of the center from WalMart, and people have reported seeing odd lights in the back, hearing people walking, etc.

St. Louis --- Oak Grove Cemetery
2000 block of Hanley Rd.
Believed to be haunted by the male ghost that has been reported to materialize in peoples vehicles as they drive down North Hanley Road. The apparition is rumored to even speak to the drivers before disappearing from their cars.

St. Louis --- Curren House
This was the home of Mrs.Pearl Curren. Mrs. Curren first contacted Patience Worth in 1913, by using an Ouija Board in this home. Patience was the spirit of a woman born in England in the 1600's. She was killed by Native Americans after migrating here to Missouri. Patience authored volumes of great literature through Pearl. Patience hasn’t been heard from since the death of Pearl in 1937.

St. Louis --- Arsenal Island
Mississippi River
An island in the middle of the Mississippi River that was once a military cemetery during the Civil War. The bodies (possibly not all) were relocated after a flood.

St. Louis --- French Rayburn House
Capital Hill Drive
The ghost of a Catherine Rayburn is believed to haunt the house. Catherine died in a fire at the site caused when she dropped her oil lamp. There are reports of unexplained lights in and around the home as well as strange sounds.

St. Louis --- Thornhill Mansion
15185 Olive Blvd.
Objects are reported to move and the apparition of Governor Bates has been seen in the home. This was the hom of Missouri's 2nd Governor, Fredrick Bates, and his family. The governor died at the home in 1877, at the age of 48. Governor Bate, his wife and 2 of their children are buried in a cemetery on the property.

St. Louis --- Seton Hall, University of Missouri Campus
Activity at this location includes the sound of footsteps running down the hall on the 3rd floor, the sound of doors locking and unlocking, and other strange sounds. Reportedly the building was once a convent and hospital. Supposedly there are blocked off tunnels that run from under the Hall to other locations on campus.

St. Louis --- Bissell Mansion Restaurant
4426 Randall Place
People report poltergeist like activity and sightings of apparitions.

St. Louis --- Pinehurst Apartments
Near Jefferson Barracks, just off of Telegraph Rd.
A resident, Heather, reports a television set turning itself on on more than one occasion and VCR setting its clock by itself. Also other paranormal instances, such as lights flickering, smoke alarms without batteries sounding their alarms, and even mouse cursors slowly tracing across the screen by themselves.

St. Louis --- ZuZu's Petals Restaurant
131 W. Argonne
Employees complain of poltergeist like activity

St. Louis County

Webster Groves --- Newport Bridge

The area is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl(Hannah) and little boy (Jack), who were killed by a train while returning from school, sometime in the 50's or 60's. People have reported seeing the children’s apparitions sitting on the bridge as well as the smell of roses.

Location: Newport Ave. railroad tracks.

Ellisville --- Zombie Road

Reportedly the apparition of a man killed by a train in the 1980's, can be seen replaying the moments of his tragic death on the tracks. There are also stories of strange sounds coming from the woods along the road and cult activity in the area.

Eureka --- Six Flag Theme Park

The park is believed to be haunted by at least three different ghosts. The apparition of a little girl has been seen laughing and playing in different areas of the park. The ghost of a young woman named Stella is believed to haunt several of the park theaters and gives off cold spots. An apparition called the Pig Man has been spotted by employees along the back service roads and sounds of squealing pigs have been heard.

Eureka --- Six Flags Ramada Inn

An employee reported seeing strange shadows while working in the laundry at night. The building is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl named Aggie, who died on the property. The story says that while playing in a barn on the property, some time ago, the girl fell from a window and died. The little girl is said to be playful and likes to peek around corners at people. There are reports of Aggie’s apparition seen running the halls and she sometimes appears in the banquet hall mirror. Supposedly there is a painting of Aggie hanging in the hallway that she visits most often.

A room located in the 300's is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who committed suicide in the room. Customers have reported seeing the apparition of a man lying dead in the room bathtub.

History: The motel was built over the site of another building. The previous building dated back to the 1800's. The chimney of the old building still sits at the location of the motel. Reportedly the construction workers refused to remove the chimney after several failed attempts had yielded some bad accidents.

Maryland Heights --- Abandoned Park

Reported to be haunted. People have supposedly caught phenomenons in pictures. We haven’t been able to find any more info.

Location: Near Brookside Subdivision N. of Dorsett Rd. E. of 270 on Doddridge Ave.

Sunset Hills --- Lystone Park

People have reported hearing ghostly footsteps in the leaves and the feeling of being watched. There are also reports of individuals seeing the apparition of a nude female walking around the area. One rumor surrounding this area is that a man killed his infant in the park woods.

Location: At the corner of Lystone Place and Rayburn Ave.

Webster Groves --- Theater Guild

This building is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a playful little girl. The basement of the building is also reportedly haunted by the ghost of an old woman, who terrifies the little girl.

Manchester --- John F. Kennedy Catholic High School

Reports of cold spots, strange noises, doors locking, lockers opening and shutting, etc.

Creve Coeur --- Creve Coeur Park

This 1,185 acre park is believed to be haunted by the sad ghost of a Native American Chieftains daughter. The story says that the young woman jumped from the cliff at the entrance to the park, killing herself, sometime in the 1800's. She had been distraught over the death of her beloved husband, who had been killed while out hunting. People report hearing her crying and have seen her standing on the top of the cliff, looking down. Some people have even reported seeing her jump from the cliff only to disappear in the air. On one occasion a man of Native American heritage reported seeing the ghost as he was hiking in the woods with some friends. When he saw the crying girl, he approached her and she turned and hugged him. She started to speak to him in her native language, but ran away crying when he didn’t respond. The man and his friends followed her to the cliff where she jumped and then disappeared.

Location: W.of Hwy 270, by taking Dorsett Rd. W . To Marine Ave., then turn N.

Florissant --- Haunted Insane Asylum

Individuals report the sound of music playing and seeing orbs all around the location.

Location: On left side of McLauran Rd. which is off of Jennings Station Rd.

Florissant --- Parker Roads Elementary School

It is rumored that the school was built on a cemetery site. Children have reported seeing the apparition of a woman in a long, black dress, w/ no eyes, in one of the bathrooms. It is believed that she only shows herself to the children. There have also been reports of this same entity approaching the children quickly as if it was trying to catch them.

Ellisville --- The Book House

This building is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a helpful little girl named Valerie. She is reported to move things around and seems to favor the poetry room.

Location: 9719 Manchester Road

Eureka --- Eureka 6 Cinema

An apparition has been seen by employees looking out at them from the projection booth window at night.

Florissant --- McCluer Senior High

This building is believed to be haunted by the original residents. The apparitions of people dressed in period clothing of the 1800's.

History: The building dates back to the late 1700's.

Location: Off of I-270.

Clayton --- Shady Oak Theater

A man supposedly killed himself on the site, sometime before the theater was built, and now his spirit is believed to haunt the building. Poltergeist like activity has been reported. On many occasions employees have felt as if they were being watched by someone or something from behind the stage curtains. The balcony lights have been known to flicker off and on. The lobby posters have been found moved around when the theater is opened n the mornings. Cold spots have been reported as well as a voice saying "tsk, tsk, tsk" and moaning coming from behind the stage curtains.

Location: 7630 Forsyth Blvd.

Bridgeton --- Payne Gentry House

Believed to be one of the most haunted houses in America. There are supposedly more than 20 different entities inhabiting the building. One apparition reported to have been seen in the home is that of a woman in a white dress. There have also been reports of a small ghostly dog that rubs against visitors legs.

History: Was home to the Payne family for a period of time and was used as some doctors office by one of their children.

Location: 4211 Fee Fee Rd. From where Hwy. 270 meets St Charles Rock Rd., take St.Charles Rock Rd. E. for approx. 2 miles to Fee Fee Rd., turn N. on Fee Fee Rd. It will be on your left side just after you pass over 70.

Webster Groves --- Plant Avenue House (Gehm House)

Several people who have lived in the home have reported very similar experiences with the ghosts of this house. An apparition of an old woman, dressed in black has frightened children that have lived in the home, by trying to hit them with a broom. The apparition of Henry Gehm appeared to a former resident for the purpose of leading her to a hidden space in the attic. The ghost of a little blond girl has been sighted in the attic and an almost transparent white entity has been seen in an upstairs bedroom. Other activity in the home includes sounds of things hitting the windows, hammering on headboards, sounds of children running on the staircase, shaking of beds, footsteps in the attic, etc. Some people believe that the home also contains an evil inhuman presence.

History: The 2 story brick and wood frame house was built in the 1890's by Henry Gehm. Mr. Gehm was said to be somewhat of a reclusive individual and reportedly worked with the circus. Henry died in the house sometime in the early 1950's.

In 1956 the home was purchased by the Fury family, then in 1965 the Walsh family moved into the home. The house is still a private residence.

Location: 300 block of Plant Ave.


Warrenton --- Warren County Correctional Facility

Believed to be haunted by the ghosts of former inmates. Phenomenon reported includes sightings of apparitions, cold spots and odd sounds.

New Haven --- Boondocker Inn 

Reports of objects being moved about by an unseen force.

Location: 9487 Hwy.100


Warren County --- Enoch's Knob Road Bridge

Reportedly haunted.

Location: East of New Haven

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