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Camdenton --- Bridal Cave,
Thunder Mountain State Park

Visitors to the location of reported seeing

the apparitions of Osage Indians and hearing

the sound of ghostly drums and singing.


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Florence --- Rosemary’s Bridge

Supposedly hunted by the ghost of a murdered woman.
It is said that her apparition can be seen walking along
the bridge.


Crocker --- Cry Baby Hollow

An evil presence is believed to reside at this location. If you visit the area
between 11:50 PM and 12:20 AM you will reportedly see a flash of light
like a door opening in the darkness, then you will begin to hear a baby
crying followed by the anguished cries of a mother. While this is occurring
you begin to see glowing red eyes all around the area surrounding you.
Some individuals even say that this is a gateway to hell.

One rumored cause for some of the activity is that a young pregnant woman
died here after falling into a ravine while hiking in the area.

Visitors to the site warm that some people who have come here experienced
odd, frightening and some times dangerous vehicle trouble after witnessing
these phenomenon. These troubles include flat tires, claw marks on the vehicle,
and even wrecks.

Another rumored reason for the alleged haunting is that a toddler whose
family lived in the area wondered away. The family searched in vane for
the child as a terrible storm blew into the area. As the storm worsened the
hunt was called off but the childs mother would not give up and continued
to search for her child. It’s said that the child could be heard crying out but
could not be seen because of the weather condition. Supposedly both mother
and child perished due to the elements.

Location: Found off of Hwy. DD just outside of Crocker.

Buckhorn --- Haunted Historic Building

Reports of the sounds of footsteps, smell of hickory smoke, and the
sounds of agonized breathing. One legend that tries to explain the
origin of this phenomenon is about 3 unfortunate travelers. Supposedly
one of these 3 men was tortured by the landlord of the property many
years ago when it was still a stage coach stop and inn. The landlord had
discovered that then men had a large amount of gold with them and he
wanted it for himself. 2 of the men escaped but the 3
rd was tortured for
answers. Supposedly the tortured mans heart gave out and he died. Some
versions of the legend say that the men buried the gold on the property
and it may still be there.

History: Historic building that was a stagecoach stop and inn over
125 years ago.

Ft. Leonard Wood --- Partridge Preschool

Believed to be haunted by the ghost of a 4-year- old girl who died here.
People have reported seeing her "favorite" swing move back and forth
unexplainably. The little spirit is also known to move toys around and
play music. It’s said that if you rattle the doors then wait she will rattle
them back.

Waynesville --- Hunter's Point

People report hearing screams and see the apparition of a man hanging.

Crocker --- Mitchell Cemetery

Reports of ghostly organ music being heard.

Waynesville --- Cedar Hill Cemetery

Anomalies have reportedly been captured on film here.

Waynesville --- Home Place B&B

Supposedly haunted by the ghost of a Civil War soldier.

History: 302 S. Benton St.

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