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Rich Hill --- Ryder Cemetery

Reports of unexplained screams heard emanating from the graveyard.


Agency Cemetery

Believed to be inhabited by more then one spirit.
One of the ghost is reported to be that of a little
girl named Mary who has been known to unlatch
the gate and leave it open.

Location: 1st Street

Benton High School

St. Joseph

Reports of red glowing lights and apparitions.

Ashland Cemetery

St. Joseph

Rumored to be haunted.

Location: 2324 Ashland Ave.

St. Joseph School District Offices

Reports of doors opening and shutting.

Central High School

St. Joseph

A ghost is believed to haunt the school Auditorium
and a 2
nd mischievous spirit is said to haunt the buildings

Old Park Floral Building

St. Joseph

Strange noises and feelings have been reported
by visitors to the location.

Location: 6th St.

The Social Parlor

St. Joseph

The apparition of a man who used to work at the location
when it was still a furrier has been spotted here.

Carnegie Library

St. Joseph

Believe to be haunted by the ghost of a former librarian.
The ghost has been known to move books and to tell
visitors to quiet down.

Location: 300 block of Massachusetts St.

The Death Cellar

St. Joseph

Supposedly the basement of this house was the site
of the torture and murders of young girls sometime in the
1970’s. People have reported seeing the apparitions of
girls lying on the basement floor screaming. Other
strange activity includes the light turning red, multiple
screams heard at once, and the doors locking and unlocking.

We have no information at this time about the exact
location of this house or any information to
corroborate the story of the murders. If you have
any information please contact us .

St. Joseph Foods

Odd sounds have been heard coming from the basement
and guard shack. Apparitions have been reported along the fence.

Mid - Buchanan High School

Reports of locker doors opening and shutting on their
own. There have also been reports of the sound of
crying being heard in the art room. Supposedly a
strangely large amount of students from this school
have died due to unfortunate and sometimes
mysterious accidents.


Shiner’s Cemetery


The legend says that if you are unfortunate enough to catch
a glimpse of a blue light in the cemetery then you will have
a terrible accident.

Location: Just outside of town.


None Listed
submit@hauntedmissouri.com if you have info


Gravity Hill


Supposedly if you sit with your car in neutral on
this road and leave the engine running the car
will begin to move forward up the small hill as
if pushed by an unseen force.

Location: South West of Freeman and S of West
Line where E.299th St. and Mo-D meet at the rail
road tracks. East side of tracks at the bottom of
the small hill.

Freeman Cemetery

Anomalies have reportedly been photographed here.

Location: Just outside of town were Van Buren Rd.
crosses US 2.

Belton Cemetery

Photos of Orbs have reportedly been taken here.

Feed Mill


The story says that on hot summer nights you can
here a ghostly train blow it’s whistle even though
the tracks at this location where removed years ago.

Richard Gebaur Air Force Base

"The Twin Towers"


Some believe these two silos to be inhabited by
an evil or demonic presence. People report seeing
flames in one of the towers and the floor of this
tower looks burnt. Other activity includes the
howling of "devil dogs" , odd smells, cold spots,
and feelings of being watched.

Location: US 71 S. to exit ST. Rd. 150 also called E. 147th.
Travel W. on E 147
th St. for less then a mile then turn S. on Andrews
Rd. and drive approx. 1 & ˝ miles down this road.

Orient Cemetery


Supposedly orb photos have been taken here.

Location: Follow E. Elm east for approx. .8th of a mile to
where the rd. changes to Cemetery Rd. The cemetery will be on
the N. side just past Silvermaple St.

Austin Cemetery

Supposedly orb photos have been taken here.

Location: At E. 343rd and S. Cameron Rd.


Excelsior Springs Middle School

Reportedly a student at the school named Donny
died and his funeral was held in the gym and
know his ghost can be seen in the gym playing
a guitar around 2:30.

Franklin Cemetery


Strange lights can be seen within the cemetery
moving from the NE section toward the West gate
during certain phases of the moon.

Odell Sports Center

Excelsior Springs

A Male apparition is reported to be seen in the
showers here. Other activity includes doors
slamming shut and the sound of laughter.

The James Farm

Near Kearney

Many strange occurrences have been reported
at this historical location including odd lights
moving in the house, sounds of gun shots, the
sound of running horses, the sound of a female
crying, sounds of movement in the attic, a picture
of Jesse James that refuses to stay hang straight,
and staff members have reported hearing the
sound of men’s voices and the movement of
horses coming from the woods near the house.

History: This is the site of the childhood home of Jesse
and Frank James. Zerelda James lived in her life in the
home and experienced much tragedy here including the
death of her 10-year-old son named Archie who was killed
by Pinkerton detectives in 1882 during the same incident
in which Zerelda lost her right hand.

Devils Bridge


Supposedly this area is know for strange occurrences
thought we haven’t been able to find information of
any specifics. We did come across one story that said
that the bridge sits at the merging point of 5 roads that
form a pentagram. Of course this can’t be the case
because if the roads do form a pentagram then all 5
of them would not intersect at one single point. If
anyone has any information on this area we would
be very interested in hearing of it.

Odd Fellows


Strange sounds, temperature drops and bloody
handprints in the bathrooms have been some
of the reported activity at this location.

History: Was once a mental hospital and nursing home.

Location: Off of hwy 219

The Old Mill


Reports of orbs, footsteps, objects being moved and
strange noises.

Location: Off of hwy 291

Tryst Falls

Excelsior Springs

The legend says that a slave woman drowned her
baby here to save it from a slavery. Supposedly on
occasion the baby can be heard crying and the
apparition of the slave woman can be seen.

Claybrook Plantation

Near Kearney

Activity reported here includes doors opening and
shutting , screaming , sounds of a child crying, the
sound of a man clearing his throat, footsteps are
heard on the staircase and the sound of a ball
bouncing has been heard.

History: Jesse and Zee James daughter Mary and her
husband Henry lived here. Mary and Henrys little girl
Henrietta died here.

Another resident hung himself here.

The Elms Resort and Spa

Excelsior Springs

This location is believed to be haunted by at least
4 spirits. The 1st is the ghost of a man killed in the
basement by the mob during the age of prohibition.
His ghost is seen in the basement in the area of the
lap pool.

The 2nd is the ghost of a woman who worked as a
maid in the hotel during the 20’s. Her apparition has
been seen on the 3rd floor.

The 3rd is the ghost of a woman who is thought to
be searching for her child. The womans apparition
is seen in the basement and her spirit has been
known to pull hair and throw things.

Location: 4012 Regent St.

Wolf Hollow

Excelsior Springs

An abandoned house in this area is reported to
be haunted. Supposedly the area of the house
was used by the KKK at one time to torture
and kill African Americans. Paranormal activity
reported includes strange sounds and apparitions.

Hall of Waters

Excelsior Springs

The apparition of a boy is said to be seen by the pool.

Roosevelt School

Excelsior Springs

The school is said to be haunted by the ghost of
a young woman named Penny who hung herself
during a school play due to an unwanted pregnancy.


Highway C


This road and a near by ranch house are believed to be haunted
by the ghost of a boy on crutches. Visitors to the location report
seeing the apparition of the boy along the road. It is rumored the
ghost sometimes passes through vehicles traveling the road then

Plattsburg High School

This building is believed haunted by the ghost of a former student
and basketball player. Witnesses report hearing the sound of a
basketball being dribbled in the empty gym as well as whispering
and sightings of strange lights.


None Listed
submit@hauntedmissouri.com if you have info


Old Jackson County Jail


This building is believed to house more then one entity. A ghostly man is seen in one of the center cells dressed in a blue uniform. The ghost in blue is believed to be the spirit of a deputy marshal named Henry Buggler who was killed in 1866 during an attempted jail break. Phenomenon includes feelings of nausea, sounds of growing, sounds odd footsteps, eerie feelings, and cold spots.

Vaille Mansion


The upper floor of the mansion is believed to be haunted by Mrs.Vaille who committed suicide by overdosing on morphine. She was supposedly distraught over fraud charges against her husband, who was later found innocent.

Location: W. part of the city at 1500 N. Liberty St.

Berry Cemetery

Kansas City

Activity reported at this location includes cold spots, apparitions and feeling s of movement.

Location: 1327 NW Barry Rd. about 1/4 mile W of US-169

The Boat

Kansas City

Supposedly there is a large boat that sits in the woods along a back road in the area. People report hearing crying coming from the boat.

We have very little info on this story and would appreciate any details that you may be able to contribute to this story.

Sauer Castle

Kansas City

Believed to be haunted by the ghost of a little boy.

University Of Missouri At Kansas City

Epperson Hall - The location is believed to be haunted by more then one spirit. Activity includes cold spots, apparitions, lights being turned off and on, feelings of oppression, etc. On one occasion a police officer reported that his vehicle was rear-ended by a ghostly car, as he was parked outside the building. The officer reported that he heard and felt the impact, but when he stepped from his car to investigate he found nothing. On another occasion the same officer and his partner reported that while they were going through the building turning out light they saw the apparition of a disembodied arm covered in a blue sleeve appear and turn out a light that a few minutes before refused to go out.

History: The Eppersons built the showplace of a home in the 20's. They were a wealthy couple who made their money through insurance and meat-packing investments. The couple contributed generously to Kansas City’s civic and cultural efforts. At one time they ‘adopted’ a woman who had a great musical ability, who died at 47 from what was said to be complications from a routine operation. The Eppersons themselves lived to a very old age.

Another story says that the home was owned by a local business man whose daughter - in - law killed herself in the attic after she was kept from being with a man she was dating.

The building is now being used as an architecture school.

Location: 5200 Cherry St.

The Playhouse - Footsteps are heard here and a presence is felt.

Location: 5100 Rockhill Rd.

Donaldson House / Kansas City Art Institute

Reportedly haunted by at least 8 different spirits. It is said that all but one of the entities are malicious in nature. Phenomenon include orbs, objects being thrown, sounds of footsteps, on the 2nd floor the phone rings around 3 or 4 every morning.

Location: 4300 block of Oak St.

The L.I.G.H.T. House

Kansas City

Believed to be haunted by the ghost of a nun. Activity reported includes apparitions, strange lights, strange noises, etc.

History: The building used to be a convent and is now a home for pregnant women.

Location: 7110 Wyandotte

Elmwood Cemetery

Kansas City

The apparitions of 2 girls wearing white dresses are reportedly seen playing here together on cloudy days and nights

Location: 4900 E. Truman Rd.

Kansas City Arena

Many believe this site to be haunted by the ghost of Owen Hart, a former WWF wrestler who died after falling 40 ft. from the arena ceiling when a stunt went tragically wrong. His apparition has been seen at that top of the arena where he was before his fall. People also report hearing strange sound and that the arena lights flicker on and off on their own.

George Brett Bridge

Kansas City

The bridge is reportedly haunted by a KC Royals fan who was killed here by a drunk driver on the night that KC won the World Series. People report seeing the man’s apparition standing on the bridge after Royals games still wearing his KC team hat.

Strawberry Hill Mansion

Kansas City

The mansion was originally a private residence, then an orphanage, and later a museum. This location is believed to be haunted by the couple who originally owned the home. Both the spirit of the man and woman have been seen. The female entity has reportedly spoken to visitors to the location and the male has been known to touch people.

History: The museum was once St. John the Baptist Children’s Home.

The mansion was built in 1887.

Location: 720 N. 4th St.

Old Goff Home

Kansas City

Believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy who used to live in the home. The story says that this boy was burned to death in a fiery car crash. Once when a video camera was left in all day in the house, the voice of a child was captured on the tape screaming " no, mommy, help it burns." The apparition of the boy is reportedly seen running into his old room and sitting on the stairs. He is also said to play with toys in the house and make toys that have no batteries run on their own. Individuals report that anyone who stays in the boys old room will have nightmares of dying.

Hotel Savoy

Kansas City

More then one spirit is believed to haunt this location.

Room 505 is said to be haunted by the ghost of an aging woman named Betsy Ward who died in the rooms bathtub. Betsy is said to move the shower curtain. Open and shut doors and turn the water faucets off and on. Individuals also report hearing Jazz music coming from the room.

The 7th floor is believed to be haunted by an entity that slams doors and turns on the old steam heating system.

A ghost of a man in a purple jacket is said to haunt the basement. This apparition has been spotted on more then one occasion standing near the now closed tunnels. Several employees refuse to enter the basement.

The ghost of a man named Fred Lightner nicked named the "Gray Ghost" haunts the 4th floor near the area of his old apartment. He appears wearing a double-breasted suit.

The building is also believed to be haunted by the ghost of a former manager.

History: The hotel was built in 1888 and was once a high class establishment but after WW2 it disintegrated in to no more then a flop house. It has however since been restored.

Location: 219 W. 9th St.

Truman House


People have reported seeing the apparition of President Truman lounging around the living room.

Location: 223 N. Main St.

Homsedale Nursing Home

Kansas City

Paranormal activity includes the elevator moving on its own and opening, lights flickering off and on, doors shutting on their own, shadowy figures, odd sounds and odd smells. Room 301 is said to me the most active.

Sermon Center


Reports of cold spots and the sound of a child calling out for their mother have been reported in the basement of this building.

Location: W. Truman Rd. at N. Noland

Devil Bridge

Kansas City

Strange things are said to happen here including disappearing stop signs.

Location: Longveiw Lake

Franklin Cemetery

Ghost lights have been sighted here on full and new moons.

Location: down E. Blue Mills Rd. about .8 miles

Haunted House

Kansas City

Reported to be haunted. Supposedly a man went insane and killed his family and them himself here. We have found very little info on this location.

Location: Ward Parkway

Union Station

Kansas City

Reports of apparitions. Believed to be haunted by the spirits of people who have committed suicide here.

Location: 2348 Main St.

West Port - Kelly’s Inn

Kansas City

Is said to be haunted but we have no information on why or what types of phenomenons have been experienced here.

Location: W. part of the city at 1500 N. Liberty St.

Alexander Major’s House

Kansas City

This location is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Louisa Johnston, a woman who spent much of her life restoring the property. Louisa dies at the age of 86 in the caretaker’s cottage.

Location: 8201 State Line Rd. The West 83rd St. and West 81st st.

Roger’s Cemetery

Kansas City

Reports of strange shadows being seen here.

Location: 7400 block of N. E. 48th St. Just E. of I -435 and W. of N. Manchester Ave.

Worlds Of Fun

Kansas City

The Timber Wolf ride is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a 12-year-old girl who fell to her death from the ride. People riding in the same car as the one the girl did report seeing her apparition replaying the moments before her death.

Cemetery Near Worlds Of Fun

Kansas City

Rumor has it that a man committed suicide in this cemetery. People report shadows moving rapidly across the grounds and the sound of moaning.

Haunted Railroad Tracks

Lees Summit

Visitors to the location have reported seeing a black mist appear and form into the shape of an approx. 6 ft. tall male apparition. The apparition supposedly chased the witnesses form the area.

Location: N. of town off of Colbern Rd. by the railroad bridge.

Hill Park


This historic cemeteries the final resting place of the infamous outlaw Frank James and at least 2 confederate soldiers. Visitors to the location report seeing a misty, glowing figure, crossing over the hill. Some believe the figure to be the restless spirit of a confederate soldier killed in battle at the location sometime between 1862 - 63.

Park University


Herr House - The dorm is believed haunted by the ghost of 2 young women who hung themselves here during WW2. Individuals have reported strange sounds and odd activity.

Jenkin and Barbara David Theater - The building is believed haunted by the ghost of Jenkin David. Girls in the building have seen his apparition. He is usually described as wearing a gray suit.

Taylor Road

Blue Springs

Believed to be haunted by the restless spirits of victims of various auto accidents along the road. Witnesses report seeing strange lights along the road.

Location: Just S. E. of Blue Springs between Old Hwy 40 and Moreland School Rd.

Kaw River

Kansas City

The apparitions of a headless woman has been seen walking the river bank. Supposedly the woman was killed when the covered wagon she was in rolled down the embankment decapitating her.

Forrest hill Cemetery

Kansas City

Rock music is reported to be heard coming from inside a mausoleum located on the mid south end of the cemetery. The music is heard towards the beginning of sunset.

The Music Hall

Kansas City

Said to be haunted by more then one ghost.

Location: 400 block of E. 12th St.

Haunted Graveyard

Kansas City

The graveyard that sits behind the Kansas City international Airport is reported to be a active location. Strange noises, apparitions, and uneasy feelings have been reported.

Location: Take HWY K past the Tiffany Springs playing fields. At the end of the road you will see the airport in front of you, turn left and go travel approx. 1/4 mile and it will be on your right.

Houston Lake

Kansas City

People report the eerie feeling of being watched.

Location: N. of K.C. where I- 29 and I - 635 meet.

Loretto Catholic School Auditorium

Kansas City

Apparitions, strange sounds and light have been reported here.

Haunted Dairy Farm


The entire farm including the house is believed to be haunted by the ghost of an elderly man. Witnesses report the entity seems aggressive and unfriendly. People report seeing apparitions here ranging from what appears to be a living human to dark shadowy human figures and figures that look like a man covered in a gray sheet. Other activity includes feelings of fast moving objects passing by you and strange sounds in the farm house.

Location: On Crenshaw Rd. near Little Blue River

Haunted Insane Asylum


The now demolished asylum was said to be haunted. Activity included was the sound of footsteps, moaning, and blood seen on the floor.

Location: I-435 and Raytown Rd.

Christian Church Hospital

Kansas City

This location is believed to be haunted by several different spirits. Orbs have reportedly been photographed here.

Location: the corner of W. 27th and W. Paseo Blvd.


The Haunted White House


This abandoned and bordered up old house is said to be the center of some strange occurrences. One description of the house says the windows are covered with metal sheets that have "blood of Jesus Christ" written on them. Next to the house is reported be a shed that says "Angela’s Doll House" and you can see dolls inside lined up on the shelves. Strange sounds are said to be heard coming from inside and around the house at night.

Location: on the edge of town next to the school.

Bethel Campground Cemetery


Reports of voices and floating blue lights.

Knob Noster State Park Spook Light

This is one of the more well known ghost stories in Missouri. The legend is usually told the same way but often several of the small details vary. Supposedly one stormy night a hermit who lived in the woods above the town was struck by lightening or died of fright as he was making his way down to the town to seek shelter. He was found the next morning by some of the towns people. His lantern was still burning beside him on the ground. Now his spirit is said to repeat this fateful journey on stormy nights. It’s said that you can see the light from his lantern moving down the hill side.

Note: During our research into this tale we came across the following article at a genealogical site which claims the hermits story to be pure fiction.

Name Charles Daniel "Dan" SAULTS, GGG Grandson, M

Birth Date 20 May 1911206

Birth Place Knob Noster City Cemetery, Knob Noster, Johnson County, Missouri

Birth Memo At the home of his parents.

Death Date 23 Sep 1985207,206 Age: 74

Death Place Branson, Taney County, Missouri

Burial Place Knob Noster City Cemetery, Knob Noster, Johnson County, Missouri206

Father Charles Lee "Charlie" SAULTS, M (1885_1969)

Mother Anna Alberta ELLIOTT, F (1883_1975)

Notes for Charles Daniel "Dan" SAULTS

He was a graduate of the Knob Noster High School and the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He published the Knob Noster Gem until enlisting in the armed forces in World War II. He served in the 339th Infantry Division in Africa and Italy. Before his retirement he worked with the Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Services in Washington, DC as editor, and Chief of Office of Information Assistant Director. Prior to that the worked with the Missouri Conservation Commission from 1947 until 1964 during which time he was the editor of the Missouri Conservationist.

"Dan Saults, perhaps Missouri's best_known outdoor writer, died in September at the age of 74. He once the editor of this magazine.

Mr. Saults had been active in outdoor writing both in Missouri and nationally, for 50 years.ÉDan attended Central Missouri State Teacher's College in Warrensburg, Missouri and the University of Missouri, Columbia. He took over the Knob Noster Gem in 1935, becoming the youngest newspaper publisher in the state.

Mr. Saults published the Gem until he joined the Army in 1942. Discharged in 1946, he freelanced for a year before joining the Department of Conservation.

He became editor of the Missouri Conservationist in April 1947 and remained head of the magazine until he was appointed assistant director of the Department in May 1957.

He spent seven years as assistant directory before moving to Washington, D. C., in April 1964, where he was assistant to the director of the Bureau of land Management and later was information officer for the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

After his retirement in 1973, Mr. Saults moved to Branson, but his retirement was as typically busy as his working life.

He wrote extensively, especially for the Springfield News_Leader and he Ozarks Mountaineer, and served as president of the Outdoor Writers Association of America in 1979_80. He also won the Jade of Chiefs award from that organization—its top conservation honor.

He continued active in the Outdoor Writers Association, especially on its scholarship committee. He also was active in the Conservation Federation of Missouri."

Dan Saults was the author and inventor of the "Knob Noster ghost." the ghost was dreamed up when he was a boy, as a good story to tell on summer nights. The story became so well known that evantually a book called Legends of Missouri, which was published in 1939, included it. Dan confessed his part in an article he wrote for the Kansas City Journal newspaper, for which he worked.

Location: US 50 between Sedelia and Warrensburg.

Central Missouri State University


Deimer Hall - A private room on the 2nd floor is believed to be haunted . Individuals report the feeling of being watched and the sink in the bathroom filling up with hot water.

Hawkins Hall - Believed to be haunted by the ghost of a student who hung himself here.

Houts/Hosey Hall - Believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young pregnant woman named Sarah who committed suicide here. Reported activity includes voices, knocking on doors and shadows.

North Ellis - On the 1st floor people report seeing apparitions in mirrors, objects moving and feeling of being watched.

Yeater Hall - Activity reported includes lights turning on in empty rooms, curtains moving for no explainable reasons, the sound of footsteps, cold spots, strange shadows, drawers opening, feelings of being watched and rumor also has it that if you knock on the attic door something will knock back.

History: Was once used for military housing.

Phantom Rider

Near Roubidoux Creek

After the civil War locals reported seeing a ghostly horseman riding about the area and supposedly in the 1930's a search party made failed attempts to follow the phantom. The legend says that the rider is the ghost of a man named Charles Potter. Supposedly Potter road his horse into church on Sunday in 1865 with the goal of running the preacher out of town. The preacher, Elder Maupins, was said to be the leader of a group of marauders called Maupins Raiders . Before Potter had a chance to confront the preacher Potter was shot dead in the church isle and horse ran out of the church and into the woods. The fatal shot came from outside through a window.


Wentworth Military Academy


This location is reportedly haunted by several entities including the spirit of a little boy. The boys apparition has supposedly been seen on several occasions on the grounds.

Location: 1880 Washington Ave.

 The Barracks - Individuals have reported hearing the sounds of loud footsteps in the hall and in the cafeteria area. Their have also been reports of doors opening and shutting on their own.

Marine Hall - Showers are reported to turn on by themselves and there have been reports of footsteps.

Scholastic Building - The dark room is supposedly the sight of a suicide by hanging and the area has had reports of paranormal activity.


Confederate Park


Rumored to be haunted but we have yet to come across any specifics.

Old Highway 213


The area of a certain light pole is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman who was killed several years ago after her car hit this particular pole.

Anderson Home


This historical mansion is said to be haunted. On occasion people have reported odd occurrences here such as strange feelings and objects being moved.

History : For information on the history of the mansion and the Civil War Battle of Lexington visit the following site http://www.mostateparks.com/lexington/index.html

Location: N. 13th St.


None Listed
submit@hauntedmissouri.com if you have info


None Listed
submit@hauntedmissouri.com if you have info


Wollard House


Rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who died here as well as the ghost of the woman’s dog. Supposedly the woman’s death was not discovered for some time and her dog starved to death. Visitors to the location report seeing apparitions of the woman and her dog. People have even reported seeing the ghost dog begging for food.

Location: 600 Wollard Blvd.


The Old Tavern

Arrow Rock

Reports of strange noises including the sound of disembodied voices.

Location: Main Street

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